As a Naturopathic Doctor, one of the biggest topics I have people approach me about is infertility. It’s the silent struggle many couples face and feel completely alone. The conventional medical world offers many options to this struggle; however, it can be costly and invasive.

I think the biggest hurdle for people to overcome is knowing how common “infertility” is and how even simple lifestyle changes for both partners are critical.

Naturopathic Medicine for Infertility SupportWhat even qualifies as infertility? Honestly, it’s not just when you try to conceive for a month and nothing happens. As a matter of fact, on average, it will take a perfectly healthy couple three months to conceive. It’s more than just a simple addition math equation. It’s an intricate combination that most people take for granted.

As far as normal conventional medical standards, they will begin looking for fertility issues after a couple doesn’t conceive after actively trying for a YEAR. Which, if you’ve ever started trying for a baby, is tough. Most of us discuss and wait for that “perfect time” to start having kids, and then when you finally decide to start trying, it’s discouraging to find out at that point that there may be more in to it than you had planned. This is one reason why I stress the importance of preconception health (I even wrote a whole blog post about this here). It allows you time to begin healing the basics, and possibly eliminating any fertility issues, before you start trying.

When I see patients for fertility issues, I look at both partners whole health. The male and female sex hormones get all the attention for fertility, but many factors can contribute, such as: adrenals (hello, stress!), thyroid, environment, dietary habits, detoxification pathways, and many more. After getting to a place of optimum health, then specifics can be researched and delved in to.

If you’re reading this post, this may be the point that you are waiting for the “Here are 5 easy tricks for fertility” punchline, but it’s just not that simple. Each person has different issues that must be addressed. Even within common infertility issues – let’s take PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) for example – each person with this same diagnosis will have different needs in recommendations and therapies required to encourage normal cycles and healthy egg growth.

This subject area is my passion. I want to see more couples able to conceive and start a family without invasive medical procedures. These things are definitely a blessing, and at times warranted, but for most couples, simpler measures can be taken, and I would love to empower you on that journey!

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Dr. Mattison Chapman