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I’m Dr. Dustin Radloff, a chiropractor located in Jenks, Oklahoma. I focus on helping individuals with chronic degenerative conditions to not only regain their function, but also improve their quality of life. 

The most common conditions I work with include chronic knee pain, elbow pain, and plantar fasciitis as well as supporting optimal athletic performance. Along with chiropractic, muscle activation and acupuncture services, I also offer Shockwave therapy for pain relief and sports injuries.  Learn more about Shockwave therapy HERE.

To schedule your appointment, call our office at 918-984-0311 or schedule online HERE.

I received my Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker University located in Dallas, Texas.  Even though I was not born in Oklahoma due to my family moving around so much as a child, I call Norman home.

My natural health journey started at such a young age that it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  You see, I was born the sick kid.  No one could figure out what was wrong with me.  Doctors finally chalked it up to severe allergies and asthma and said this is how I would be for the rest of my life.  My caring mother, disgusted and unaccepting with this answer, turned her attention to a more holistic approach.

Nothing else had worked up until then and I just seemed to continue to get worse.  It was on this path that we found a Chiropractor, along with a Naturopathic Physician who dramatically changed my life for the better.  I was slowly able to get off all of my medications, I was able to play football and not have to run off the field to use my inhalers, I was finally able to be a kid again.  This is why I have such a drive to continually better myself, to keep learning so that I have all the tools necessary to help my patients.   I know what it is like to lose all hope and to feel like this is just how you are going to be.

This is why I do not adhere to the one size fits all approach when it comes to healing.  Even though two people may have similar complaints, we are all unique individually, and thus must have an individualized approach to care.  

We must all realize health is not a sprint but a marathon.  That is why I advise my patients on a variety of areas to focus and work on based on their unique physiology.  I like to spend time with people and really get to know them.  At this time, my focus is on chronic degenerative conditions such as chronic knee pain, elbow pain, plantar fasciitis, and the likes.

My other passion is performance and athletics.  Growing up I tried a variety of different sports such as pole vaulting, football, diving and martial arts.  However, my love was gymnastics.  I attended Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy and competed for about 10 years.  Gymnastics taught me many valuable life skills and lessons that have transferred over into my professional career.  I understand the demands that are placed on athletes, the will they have to win at all costs.  Because of this intimate understanding I searched for best techniques to address an athlete’s specific needs.  How can we keep athletes healthy and performing optimally weekend after weekend or get them back on the field faster?  I have taken several seminars that I have combined into a unique modality that will help find and address the root cause of an athlete’s dysfunction.  By addressing the root cause, not the symptom, muscles will recover faster and become stronger, which translates to better performance and better stability.

My treatment approach to patients is all encompassing and depends on the uniqueness of every individual’s needs.  Some of the modalities entail: muscle activation, soft tissue techniques, chiropractic adjustments (both manual and instrument assisted), neurological applications, emotional clearing, acupuncture, cupping, nutrition, kinesiology and a combo of different technologies to give my patients the best chance of healing in the shortest amount of time possible.

Outside of the office, I enjoy working out and spending time playing games with my family.  As well, I have such desire to learn new things that it is not uncommon to find me on a flight somewhere headed to a seminar so that I can bring back new techniques or skills to help my patients to the best of my abilities.

I look forward to getting to know you and working with you to build a life of optimal health and wellness. To schedule your appointment, call our office at 918-984-0311 or schedule online HERE.

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