Digestive health is vital for overall wellness!  Therefore, at Vibrant Natural Medicine, located near Tulsa, Oklahoma, the naturopathic doctors are always assessing digestive health during the consultations.  Our goal is to restore optimal digestive function and address any underlying causes for digestive disturbances.

Dr. Sara Gomendi

Suboptimal function of the digestive system can lead to irritation in the digestive tract, as well as systemic inflammation and symptoms such as headaches, migraines, joint pain, brain fog, fatigue, skin disturbances (acne, eczema, psoriasis), and worsening of seasonal allergy symptoms. Think about how many times per day you consume food.   Typically, it’s an average of 6-8 times per day depending on how many meals and snacks you eat, types of beverages consumed, and whether you incorporate intermittent fasting.  This means the body is spending a lot of energy on digestion most of the day.  As a result, the nutrients we ingest play a crucial role in supporting or harming our digestive health and overall wellness.

Acid-blocking agents for acid reflux (also called heartburn or GERD) are one of the most common medications used in our country, indicating a high frequency of digestive complaints!  Most people we work with describe daily bloating, which they have come to think is normal, which it is not!  Chronic bloating is a sign there is an imbalance in the digestive system.  Also remember that a majority of your immune system is located in the digestive tract!  Thus, supporting balanced immune health is linked with the digestive system!

The naturopathic doctors at Vibrant Natural Medicine are an expert resource to support you with your digestive tract health!

We Provide Natural & Effective Treatment Options for the Following Digestive Disorders:

We offer numerous functional medicine tests to identify the root cause of digestive complaints.  A few of the testing options include food sensitivities, micronutrient levels, bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), organic acid testing (OAT), and microbiome assessment. Our goal is to identify treatments that restore digestive function and deal with the underlying cause of the digestive disturbance.

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