Are the Healthy Foods You Are Eating Making You Sick, Fat, and Tired


There are endless diet programs for weight loss on the market so how do you know what will work best for you? I find that “diets” are not effective for healthy and sustained weight loss for the following reasons:

  • The parameters are often so cumbersome women may only stick to the program for a few days or weeks
  • The weight loss that occurred during the diet quickly returns upon stopping the program, often with extra added pounds from their start weight.
  • Then to top it off, your delicate hormone balance can get skewed during the dieting process, making it harder to lose weight in the future!

Instead, I suggest focusing on a lifestyle that supports your ideal weight and improves how you feel all at the same time!

We know it’s good for us to eat a healthy, whole foods diet, but what if you are already doing this and still find the weight loss doesn’t budge? The inability to lose weight and keep it off can be related to a number of factors, with one major underlying cause being food sensitivities, which increase inflammation and water retention.

If you are regularly consuming “healthy” foods that cause inflammation in your body, it will be extremely challenging to lose weight.

So the first step in a weight loss program is to test your specific foods sensitivities to know exactly what you should be eating for the best results! This is vital information to know before adding or removing foods from your diet!

At Vibrant Natural Medicine, I implement a successful and sustainable weight loss program that is customized for you based on:

  • Your individual food sensitivity results
  • Health goals
  • Symptoms
  • Medical history.

Most diet programs on the market are a one-size fits all type of approach, which will not be successful for 90% of women!

We are all different in our genetics, metabolism, and food sensitivities so the best approach is to test and not guess at what might work for you!

This program is a solution to your weight loss struggles with results that are sustainable long-term. No more crash diets that make you feel bad and lead to weight gain in the long run!

Call my office now at 918-995-7001 to schedule your in-office or phone consultation and get started on your successful weight loss program today!

In vibrant wellness,

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