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Are You Sick of Being Exhausted and Surviving on Caffeine?

Vibrant Natural Medicine. Holistic Thyroid Support Tulsa, OK.

When was the last time you felt like jumping out of bed before your alarm? Can you run all day with a full tank of energy, never feeling tired? Can you function without caffeine?  If you answered no, then you should probably check your thyroid health!  Vibrant Natural Medicine is Tulsa, Oklahoma’s solution for natural […]

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Thyroid Labs Explained- TSH is only a Snapshot of the Full Picture!

Natural Thyroid Treatment

Are you Experiencing Fatigue, Weight Gain, and Thinning Hair? How is Your Thyroid Health? Many woman report hypothyroid symptoms during their consults and tell me their thyroid function has been tested and was found to be “normal”. However, upon review of lab results I find thyroid health has rarely been fully assessed and usually only one […]

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Natural Medicine Treatments for Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroid Conditions

Hypothyroidism is becoming increasingly more prevalent in our society and is one of the most common conditions I see in my naturopathic medicine practice in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.   Naturopathic Medicine Tulsa, Oklahoma Many of my patients report hypothyroid symptoms like chronic fatigue, difficulty losing weight, abnormal menstrual cycles, anxiety/depression, constipation, and brain fog. They […]

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What’s the Best Nutrition Plan for Your Health?

Tulsa Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Doctor Tulsa, Holistic Health Tulsa

What’s the best nutrition plan for your health? Naturopathic medicine treatment plans always focus on nutrition as a foundation! As a naturopathic doctor, I frequently get asked by my patients what diet they should follow for optimal health?  While there are general recommendations that are good to follow, like eating real food and not processed […]

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What in the World is a Naturopathic Doctor?

  What exactly is a naturopathic doctor? This is one of the most common questions I get asked regarding my naturopathic medicine private practice located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a naturopathic doctor, I work with my patients to restore and establish optimal health by incorporating holistic therapies to support the body’s natural healing process. Rather than […]

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Holistic Support for Bell’s Palsy Symptoms

Bell's palsy acupuncture

Bell’s palsy is a condition that I am seeing become increasingly more prevalent in recent months at my naturopathic medicine practice in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Luckily, acupuncture and naturopathic medicine can provide support for symptoms of Bell’s palsy like facial muscle weakness or paralysis, which typically occur on one side of the face. The […]

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Chronic Shoulder Pain Treatment Tulsa

Shockwave therapy for treating shoulder pain Tulsa, Oklahoma

Do you suffer from chronic shoulder pain or reduced range of motion?  Dr. Radloff provides a non-invasive option for chronic shoulder pain treatment in Tulsa! Have you been told you have tendonitis, chronic rotator cuff pain, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) or calcium deposits (calcific tendonitis)? Have you ever tried shockwave therapy to improve your shoulder pain? Shockwave […]

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Chronic Knee Pain Treatment Tulsa

Knee pain treatment tulsa

Do you suffer from chronic knee pain, arthritis, or reduced range of motion?  Dr. Radloff provides a non-invasive treatment option for chronic knee pain in Tulsa! Have you been told you have arthritis, tendonitis, shin splints, or runner’s knee? Do you have pain with walking, running, kneeling, squatting or going up stairs? Have you ever […]

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