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Call to schedule an initial Naturopathic Medicine Consultation
During the initial consultation, we will thoroughly review your current state of wellness and begin tailoring a plan to get you back to feeling like your most vibrant self.
DURATION: 45 – 60 minutes     INVESTMENT: $195

Follow-up treatment visits after your initial Naturopathic Medicine consultation.
DURATION: 45 – 60 minutes      INVESTMENT: $90
Packages of 5 follow-up visits are available for $375 (savings of $75)!

Follow-up PHONE CONSULTATIONS after your initial Naturopathic Medicine consultation:
Based on the current rate per minute charge.

LAB REVIEWS for additional recommendations on labs done by other providers after your initial Naturopathic Medicine consultation: Based on the current rate for reviewing outside labs not done by our office and giving recommendations.


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Naturopathic Medicine FAQ
What can I expect from the consultation?

The initial naturopathic medicine consultation is 45 to 60 minutes in duration, or 60 to 90 minutes for integrative oncology consultations. These visits involve a comprehensive intake to establish health goals and discover the underlying causes to your wellness concerns.

This information is then used to create and implement an individualized treatment plan to reach your state of vibrant wellness.

Is Naturopathic medicine going to benefit me?

Naturopathic medicine works with the body to establish a state of health and balance and therefore can benefit every individual.

If you have questions regarding your specific needs, I can provide insight into your individual case by calling the office number 918-995-7001,

How are naturopathic doctors trained?

Naturopathic doctors obtain a four-year undergraduate degree and then complete a four-year doctoral program in naturopathic medicine. In addition to a standard medical curriculum (anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical and physical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, pharmacology, etc.), naturopathic doctors are required to complete extensive training in clinical nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulative therapy, and counseling.

They must complete at least two years of hands-on clinical training, pass two sets of national boards examinations, and stay current on continuing education requirements.

Why do I need to see a naturopathic doctor if my symptoms are being managed with prescription medication?

Symptoms are an expression of imbalance in the body. Most medications work to manage symptoms, but do not address the underlying cause of disease.

Naturopathic medicine principles investigate root causes of your symptoms and allow you to incorporate integrative therapies to restore the natural balance of the body rather than just mask the symptoms.

Will insurance cover my visit?

Insurance does not currently cover naturopathic medicine services in Oklahoma. The goal at Vibrant Natural Medicine is to provide the best care possible to improve your health and therefore reduce your overall medical costs. This is achieved through detailed intakes and conversations where I can focus on your individual needs and create the best wellness plan for you.
What Should I Bring for the First Visit?

Please bring your most recent blood work (labs) and any other pertinent reports related to your health concern. Also, please try to complete your new patient online questionnaire 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment (this will be emailed to you once you’ve scheduled your consultation). Note: It can take 30 minutes to fill out the paperwork, as it is quite thorough.
What is FABNO?

FABNO stands for Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. The Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians initiated a credentialing process for naturopathic doctors in 2006.

A separate and independent board, the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (ABNO) was established to oversee the process and work with the Board of Medical Examiners to develop standards for credentialing, including training requirements, application process and board certification exams.

Acupuncture FAQ
Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture utilizes very thin needles that are about the size of a hair. Most people do not find the insertion of these needles to be uncomfortable.
What conditions are commonly treated with acupuncture?

The World Health Organization recognizes almost one hundred diseases, symptoms, or conditions for which acupuncture is effective.

Here is a list of conditions frequently treated with acupuncture at Vibrant Natural Medicine:

    • Musculoskeletal tightness, inflammation, or pain
    • Arthritic joint pain or inflammation
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Fatigue and “burnout” symptoms
    • Anxiety
    • Insomnia
    • Allergies
    • TMJ
    • Headaches
    • Aesthetics: reducing fine lines and wrinkles
    • Immune system imbalance (low immune function or auto-immune conditions)
    • Sciatica and peripheral neuropathy
    • Women’s health: hot flashes, menstrual cycle dysfunctions
    • Fertility
    • High blood pressure

Will acupuncture benefit me?

Acupuncture works with the body to establish a state of health and balance and therefore can benefit every individual.

If you have questions regarding your specific needs, I can provide insight into your individual case by calling the office number 918-995-7001.

What does acupuncture entail?

An acupuncture treatment is the insertion of very fine needles into precise points on the body called acupoints. The combination of points are prescribed based on the pattern of imbalance determined at your visit. The stimulation of these acupoints can alter physiological responses in the body to correct and rebalance the flow of energy to improve symptoms, relieve pain and restore health.
Can I incorporate acupuncture with other treatments I receive?

Absolutely! Acupuncture treatments work synergistically with other treatment modalities. Incorporating acupuncture with your chiropractic care, physical therapy or massage programs often allows for quicker and improved treatment outcomes.
How does acupuncture improve pain?

Benefits of acupuncture occur from a variety of physiologic responses to the acupoint stimulation. Local effects include reduced contraction of muscles and increased blood circulation. There are also systemic effects on the nervous system that lead to a release of anti-inflammatory and pain reducing substances from the brain.