Chronic fatigue is so prevalent and disrupting to quality of life. Patients are constantly seeking natural support for chronic fatigue and it is one of the most common health complaints I work with in my holistic health practice, Vibrant Natural Medicine. As a naturopathic doctor in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, I provide natural, safe, and effective functional medicine solutions to resolve chronic fatigue. 

Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Chronic fatigue impacts all areas of life.  People often find no joy in participating in social activities, have a short temper at home and work, are less productive, and notice more brain fog.  

It encompasses both physical and mental exhaustion that often doesn’t abate even with adequate hours of sleep, leading to frustration and at times despair! Feeling burned out all the time is a difficult way to live!   

The underlying causes for debilitating fatigue can be multifactorial.  Just drinking caffeinated beverages or adding in an energy supplement will not fix the issue.  In fact, caffeine and the stimulants in many energy supplements disrupt sleep and increase anxiety, making the fatigue and whole situation much worse in the long-run! 

Along with feeling tired, I tend to see additional symptoms tag along with chronic fatigue cases like hormone imbalances, infertility, weight gain, anxiety, headaches, digestive complaints, joint pain, high blood pressure, and muscle tension.  Unrelenting fatigue is a sign from your body that something is out of balance.  It is vital to acknowledge and address fatigue- this is a big symptom that is often brushed off and ignored in the medical field.  

You are meant to wake refreshed, be sharp and energetic throughout your day, then easily fall asleep at night.  If you are finding one or even all these patterns to be out of balance, then let’s work together to resolve the core issues and restore your energy levels to that state of vibrancy you remember in your 20’s!   During your consultation, we will review in detail your history and symptoms, and create a tailored plan to address the underlying causes for your chronic fatigue. 

I understand the frustration of unrelenting fatigue as I experienced this at one point in my life.  I was told nothing was wrong and I just needed more sleep, but of course that wasn’t the solution.  Incorporating naturopathic medicine therapies into my wellness plan let me return to a state of thriving health.  Being able to regain my quality of life so that I could enjoy time with my family, participate in social activities, and be sharp at work was priceless!

Chronic fatigue is most often due to several causes so working with a professional in the natural medicine field is the best way to truly resolve this debilitating condition.  If you are looking for a functional medicine doctor that provides holistic health support to address the underlying cause of your chronic fatigue, then call my office to schedule a consultation.  

Take the first steps on your path to a vibrant, healthier you! Schedule your initial Naturopathic Medicine consultation by calling me at 918-995-7001.

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